Shopping/Collection Service

At City Cars, we offer Shopping/Collection Services to our customers. While you stay at home in your comfort zone, our drivers can collect your shopping as per your request. Our shopping collection service includes going to shop, collecting your items, and delivering to you, all under the clear instruction provided by you.

Shopping areas we cover 

  • In-store pickups (No Electronics)
  • Non-prescription medicine
  • Grocery items (maximum 40 kg limits apply, in 5kg pack/bag/box, no minimum)
  • Food collection from Takeaways
  • Parcel delivery, Non-Grocery items (maximum 40 kg limits apply, Non-grocery items in 10kg pack/bag/box, no minimum)

This service excludes, 

  • Direct purchases by the driver
  • Alcohol, Cigarettes, drugs, or any age restrictions related items.
  • Anything over 40 kgs ( Must be split by 10 kgs each bag/pack)
  • Anything does not fit inside the boot.
  • Furniture, Metal, Jewelries, Cash or Glass
  • Heavy Electronics item i.e. Television, Fridge, Washing Machines, etc, (Please ask customer service before booking)
  • Electronic Sensitive Toys
  • An address where getting around is unsafe for the car or driver or for both.

Below the details how you will be charged for this service, 

  • Base rate (£10 to start, for first 4 miles)
  •  £2/mile, for each mile, after the first 4 miles
  • £2.5 per PACK/BAG//BOX

Booking Method

This service is only available by the customer service desk.

What are you waiting for? Just enjoy your home comfort and let City Cars Bury do your shopping.

Contact us today to try this service out.


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